Main Points Of Safe Operation Of Pump Truck

Main Points Of Safe Operation Of Pump Truck


pump truck safe operation main points

Pump trucks are probably familiar to all of you. It is very common in engineering buildings. How to use the concrete pump truck safely is not clear in many uses. The following concrete pump deck pipe factory is a detailed introduction to the main points of the safe use of the pump truck.

1. Traveling stability of pump truck: The running condition of the pump truck is very similar to the hydraulic car crane, except that the concrete pump truck is loaded with more things, the weight of the whole truck is heavy, and the center of gravity may also be higher. It is better to maintain stability in moving, so it is more prudent to control carefully.

2. The stability of the placing operation: the pump truck must be equipped with outriggers when it is being dispensed. If you do not promise to unfold the outriggers, unfold the placing arm. Therefore, the stable area of the placing operation is the rectangle drawn by the connecting line of the center of each leg. Since the concrete pump truck does not have a counterweight, the tipping moment is large, and there is no torque limiter for maintenance, the operation stability must be guaranteed. The adopted method is to increase the span between the outriggers and move the tipping line outward.

Because the operation of the pump truck is based on the distribution of the full outrigger, the stability of the operation is calculated. It does not have uncertain elements like the lifting operation, so it will not tip over under normal circumstances. However, it is definitely not allowed to use pump trucks for lifting. Since the concrete pump truck planning has not accounted for the lifting conditions, the uncertainties brought by the lifting have not been taken into account. If the pump truck arm is used for lifting, there will be hidden dangers. .

3. Reverse limit: There are many hydraulic oil pipes on the pump truck, and there are also cloth pipe joints. If you do not allow excessive one-way reverse, generally use a limit switch to alarm. The allowable scale is 360 degrees.

The general terms of pump truck safety equipment are divided into two types: active protection and passive protection. The main function of the concrete pump truck active safety device is to prevent accidents, and the small pump truck passive safety device is mainly to reduce losses.

Traditional passive safety devices for pump trucks have an intuitive impression, such as airbags, seat belts, fire extinguishers, safety glass, small pump truck seats, small pump truck equipment, triangular warning signs, etc. With the advancement of science and technology and the theory of small concrete pump truck manufacturing, however, the entire body construction has become a part of the safety protection of a small pump truck. The cover, the turf is on the body, and the anti-collision beam collapses and absorbs during the collision to ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants.

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