Concrete Pump Clamp Coupling
Concrete Pump Clamp Coupling
Concrete Pump Clamp Coupling
Concrete Pump Clamp Coupling
Concrete Pump Clamp Coupling
Concrete Pump Clamp Coupling

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Concrete Pump Clamp Coupling

concrete pump clamp coupling product description:

Brand: PM/Schwing/Sany/Zoomlion

Model No.: DN125

Application: Concrete Pumps

Connection: Flange

Material: 40Cr

Working Pressure: 130bar

Size: 2"-8"

Burst Pressure: 200bar

Type: Coupling

Technics: Casted And Forged

Concrete pump clamp coupling is used to connect the two end flange in order to connect two pipes to delivery the concrete. There are many kinds of Concrete Pump Clamp Couplings, such as casted clamp coupling(bolt clamp coupling, mounting clamp coupling), forged clamp coupling( snap clamp coupling, adjustable clamp coupling, bolt clamp coupling, mounting clamp coupling, wedge clamp coupling, rased lever clamp coupling) and so on. Product Range Covers Various Sizes and types. The most common sizes are DN50 (2inch), DN80 (3 inch), DN100 (4 inch), DN125(5 inch), DN150(6 inch), other sizes available. Casting and forged type available.    
(1). Technics: Casted or Forged.    
(2). Flange: Sk/HD/ZM/FM type flange    
(3). Brand: Putzmeister, Schwing, Sany, Zoomlion and so on.    
(4). Working pressure: 130bar    
(5). Surface: Painting or Galvanizing    
(6). Application: Connection of concrete pump and pump truck pipeline.    
(7). Material: 40Cr    
(8). Size: 2"-8"

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different types of Concrete Pump Clamp Couplings : We are not only produce quick clamp coupling, also adjustable coupling, 1/2/4 bolt coupling, Mounting coupling,wedge coupling, Raised lever coupling:

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