Concrete Pump Hose Clamp
Concrete Pump Hose Clamp
Concrete Pump Hose Clamp
Concrete Pump Hose Clamp
Concrete Pump Hose Clamp
Concrete Pump Hose Clamp

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Concrete Pump Hose Clamp

concrete pump hose clamp product description:


Model No.: DN100

Burst Pressure: 200bar

Type: Snap,bolt,wedge,adjustable

Techinic: Forged /cast

Size: 2"-8"

Material: 40Cr

Color: Silver White/red/yellow/blue And So On

Brand: Putzmeister/schwing/sany/zoomline

Collar: SK/HD Flange

Weight: 4.5KGS

Working Pressre: 130bar

we have many kinds of clamp couplings, these clamp couplings are used to connect the concrete pump hose and pipe, with rubber gasket and flange collar. Like DN125 rubber hose , we always use DN125 snap clamp coupling to connect , the flange size is 157mm or 148mm. just like this , the size is correct , when the Concrete Mobile Pump and sataionary pump working, will not leak concrete mud. Also in some european countries , usually use the HD clamp couplings, that is heavy duty clamp coupling with wear resistent twin wall flange, this kind of concrete pump hose coneector is more wear resistence, service life is more longer. HD hose clamp, we have 2",2.5",3",4",5",6" and so on , according to the hose diameter. Almost technology is forged , and material is 40Cr and 60Cr.  

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different types of concrete pump clamp couplings : not only produce quick clamp coupling, also adjustable coupling, 1/2/4 bolt coupling, Mounting coupling,wedge coupling, Raised lever coupling:

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